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Ship Your RV Overseas

If you decide to ship your RV from the US to overseas, the process can be overwhelming if you have not prepared well. Shipping RVs is not a daunting task if you prepare well in advance. Before you even decide on international rv shipping from USA, it is important to go through customs regulations to discover some of the challenges you might face during the entire process. You also need to understand the factors which affect the cost to ship a vehicle overseas and how you can save.

The very first step is in locating the best international RV shipping options. There are a number of ways to ship RV overseas but the most common one is RORO (Roll-on Roll-off). In this option, the RV must be in proper working condition since it is going to be driven on and off the transporting vessel using ramps. This is especially ideal for large vehicles.

The other option is whereby the RV is placed on a flat rack container. In this case, the flatrack can be shipped on container vessel by stacking it on top of other containers. The RV must be placed on the rack first before it is loaded on the transporting vessel. Most of these flat-racks are designed to hold up to 88,000 pounds and so you can certainly use them to ship your RV from USA.

The other thing that must be arranged is transport to the warehouse or the port where the RV will leave from. If the RV is in a proper working condition then you can simply drive it to the terminal or the port or hire a driver to take it there. In case the RV is not running, then you can hire a towing service to take it there. Remember that if the RV is very large, then it needs to be towed to the port by a special transporter. In any case, you must arrange how the vehicle will get to the port in proper time. When choosing the best international RV shipping company make sure you confirm that they are licensed to ship your RV overseas.

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There are also safety records which must be followed, so make sure you go through them as well. Do not always go for unreasonably low international shipping rates offered by a carrier. They might suggest lack of adequate insurance or even other hidden charges. In fact, make sure you inquire about the insurance policy given by the carrier and the process of making a claim. Make sure that your vehicle is inspected before it is transported.

Remember that international RV shipping companies do not accept liability for damage incurred if the vehicle was improperly prepared. Always make sure you prepare your RV properly before the shipment. You will want to disconnect electronic devices, close all doors and windows, check fluid levels and signal lights and remove all unrelated personal items from the RV to prevent damage. Remember to prepare an international driving license and your passport if you will need to drive the RV in the foreign country.