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  • USA International Shipping has an extensive experience in moving power boats and sail yachts of different sizes from United States of America to international ports. The process of moving a boat overseas is much more complicated than moving a vehicle and requires lots of knowledge and attention to detail.
  • USA has a huge market for new and used boats of different styles, classes and prices which makes the boats a very desirable product for buyers in other countries. Internet websites like eBay Motors and BoatTrader certainly made the purchasing process much easier for the buyers and the sellers.
  • USA International Shipping has a few ways to help you export a boat from America and import it into your country. We can pick up the boat from anywhere in USA and deliver it to the closest ocean port or warehouse for international boat shipping. If your boat is sitting on its own trailer – then the easiest (and cheapest) method is to tow it. We use fully insured and licensed drivers to complete this part. If your boat doesn’t have a trailer – we will send a driver with his own trailer and then we will build a custom-made boat cradle so that your boat has something to sit on for the duration of the overseas transport.
  • There are 2 major ways in international boat transport: Ocean container service and Roll-on Roll-off service. For the smaller boats the container service may be a good option as it is very cost-effective. We utilize the warehouses close to the major ocean ports in USA to load the boats inside the containers. Please, remember that due to the size of some boats – they may have to be loaded at an angle and the trailers may have to be disassembled to make them fit.
  • With roll-on roll-off international boat shipping your boat will be delivered directly to the closest ocean port and then loaded inside the vessel on its own trailer or a cradle. If your boat is quite large and simply doesn’t fit inside the ocean container – this option will be the only one available. Please, remember that the boat shipping price depends on the TOTAL SIZE of the boat (plus trailer) so it’s very important to have the accurate dimensions when you search for the boat shipping estimates.
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