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International Auto Shipment

Regardless of why you want to transport your vehicle overseas, you need peace of mind after seeking international auto shipment services. The only way you will get this peace of mind is by ensuring all the required paperwork and rules are in order. If you have never shipped cars overseas before, then here are some vital aspects to focus on during for success in your shipment.

To start with, you must do your best to clear with the Customs as early as possible if you want to avoid unnecessary delays. You can only do this if you are in contact with the right customs brokers and clearing agents. Most international car shipping companies provide a reliable team of professionals who can help you to get your vehicle to a new country without any frustrations. With the right professionals, all the paperwork will be handled correctly.

International auto shipment from USA is also governed by the Maritime Law. According to this law, international car shipping companies will be held liable for only $500 per car. Obviously this amount is too small to cater for replacing your car if it is damaged in transit. For this reason, you have to take up insurance. This additional policy will provide adequate coverage in the event of damage or loss of your vehicle.

There are also a number of loading options to consider. Whether you want to consider container shipping or RORO shipping, make sure you understand the pros and cons of each so that you make an informed decision. Never decide based only on price since the two options are usually ideal for different types of vehicles. By talking to the right professional, you can identify the safest shipping option for your car.

International Auto Shipment

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You must also consider the personal items on your car. Most international auto shipment companies forbid personal items to be left in the car prior to shipping. If they do, then the items are not insured and they are left at your own risk. This means that if they get lost or damaged the company will not be held responsible. Make sure you read the terms and conditions which are set aside regarding personal items and follow them to the letter lest some of your items be impounded.

The other important thing to consider in international auto shipment from USA is the payment options available. Most companies do not allow credit cards and checks so make sure you find out early enough. Remember that there are other overhead expenses which may apply and make sure you ask about them before signing any contract.

Most importantly, arrange on how your vehicle will be delivered from the terminal or port. Sometimes, weather conditions can make it hard for companies to take their shipment to the land location. Land delivery is usually arranged immediately the car is cleared at customs. Just make sure you know the specific port or terminal where your vehicle will be ready for collection. Keeping all the above considerations in mind, international auto shipment from USA should be a successful and stress free affair.