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Cost To Ship Car Overseas

There are many factors that determine how much it will cost to ship a car overseas. People ship cars overseas for many different reasons. For instance, you may be relocating to another country and you want to travel with your car. Before approaching any international car shipping company, it is important to conduct your own study to ensure you have the facts prior to your departure.

To start with, shipping a car overseas requires a high level of professionalism and care. Start by considering international car shipping companies with a good reputation. Transporting cars overseas is a complicated process and you will need the right experts to avoid unnecessary delays. All the insurance claims and safety measures must be thoroughly met before departure.

The time frame will be dependent on the route taken by the company. Most international car shipping companies usually ask their customers to give up to 2 weeks advance for them to prepare the ideal time for commencement of the journey. Similarly, they do not give an exact pick up date but they will give a 3 day window period which can actually save on the cost to ship car overseas.

The obvious factor that determines how much you will pay for the shipping is the distance traveled. Most quotes are given depending on the actual distance traveled from the starting point to the car’s destination. You can decide to pick it at the terminal or whenever you like so long as you are willing to pay extra for the service.

cost to ship car overseas

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The cost to ship a car overseas may increase if you want the goods to be delivered within a shorter time frame. This would mean that the company cannot follow the usual journey path and will have to go out of the way for your satisfaction. There are also other factors which may affect the cost of shipping your car. For instance, the type of car in terms of its weight, dimensions and status will influence the rates of shipment differently.

The model and year make of the car will also affect the cost to ship your car overseas. If your car is not running it might cost more since you need to pay for it to be towed to the carrier. The cost of fuel, labor and time will also affect the overall cost of shipping your car overseas.

As you consider international auto shipping, bear in mind that there are some common rules and regulations that apply globally. For instance, you cannot carry any household items in the car while it is being transported. The carriers will check this and if they are found, they will be impounded. You can also save on costs by emptying the fuel tank so that the car becomes lighter.

Most importantly, approach an international shipping company with good reputation. This will give you a guarantee of investing in quality and reliable services. Shipping your car overseas is no simple investment so be very careful to ascertain that you working with the right international car shipping company.